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Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Performer, Sound Artist, Reiki Healer, Event Organizer, and workshop leader.

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REIKI 45 mins
from 45.00

Reiki is a Japanese energy work practice that focuses on the movement of light energy within the body. A 45 minute section can help with basic blockage removal, ease basic muscle pain, and bestow clarity on one's life path. An hour and a half session can be vital for dealing with chronic pain or disease, chronic depression or anxiety, and any other major spiritual, mind, or body dis-eases.

Sharmi Basu is a certified Reiki practitioner. She has been practicing since 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

45 mins:
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Mixing Service

Variable rate mixing service. Flat rate for first 12 hours is $125. Will work closely with artists to create a dynamic and ear-pleasing record that exemplifies your talents and sells your music!

Mastering Service

For Tapes, CDs, and Internet recordings: $125

For Vinyl: $175

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