EVENTS! Week of 7/7 / by Sharmi Basu

TOMORROW: Alex Cruse and I present some poetry and music of the unusual persuasion at NO FUTURE WEED COOKIE SHOP. Come on time! It will be short and sweet. 

THEN on SATURDAY: Stories of Queer Diaspora is happening and I have some music in a short animation featuring art by TextaQueen and moveable images by A "Q" Quintero. I think this event will be super sweet and cool.

I will spare y'all my rant on white women and creative music but I will say this: if you are a white woman and really believe that womyn making music is part of a feminist resistance, you should really think about what it means to be a white person in a neocolonial context and how maybe your resources should be spent supporting the people who DO NOT look like you, i.e. the ladies and dudes and queers who DO NOT reinforce your very boring ideas of image and identity. YO I am just super tired of feeling like a savage and an idiot literally only because of my skin color and my tits; this battle is real and constant and exhausting. really, i'm not trying to simplify the struggle of poc people i'm just saying: come to our shows. record us. put us on youtube. give us money and jobs.  we deserve it!!!!