Short Los Angeles Tour Dates / by Sharmi Basu

Beauties! Slanted Square, Flower Pattern, and myself, Beast Nest will be doing a short Los Angeles tour starting Sunday Nov. 1st in Bakersfield. We would love it if you could visit us at any of the following dates!!! 



Beast Nest, Flower Pattern, and Slanted Square are three separate solo projects by three poc experimental artists. They each use sound, texture, and rhythm as a method of investigating decolonial aesthetics and recontextualizing diaspora. They all use ambience and experimentation as a mode for restoring deep listening as a liberatory practice and reclaiming improvisation as a practice rooted in indigenous and 3rd world cultural practices.They are also fun and cute and some of them are very good at karaoke!! Come hang out!!!

<<< DATES >>>
Sun, 11/1 - Bakersfield, CA
@ Righteous House

Mon, 11/2 - Filipino Town
@ Kim's House
w/ Power AltarThe Bedroom Witch

Tue, 11/3 - Echo Park
Echo Park Film Center
w/ Sister Mantos & Andy Gonzalez

Wed, 11/4 - 
on "Elevation Through Sound" with Ale at dublab radio

Wed, 11/4 - Pomona, CA
@ the dA
w/ Gorgeous Vermillion, Big Debbie, JFZLA
Beast Nest (On Tour), Slanted Square (On Tour), Big Debbie, JFZLLA, Gorgeous Vermillion @ The dA

Frid, 11/6 - Dowtown Los Angeles
w/ M. Geddes Gengras and Bana Haffar
M. Geddes Gengras / Beast Nest / Flower Pattern / Slanted Square / Bana Haffar / Miko Revereza

Sat, 11/7 - Downtown Los Angeles
(the) Handbag Factory with Tik//Tik and TBA