There's been a small update on the website with most of my shows from 2015 posted (finally) and some videos of how my sounds have changed as of recent. The internet is a warphole and it's so hard to find everything?


The following are all the upcoming shows I can think of until May:

4/15 - ADAM HIRSCH / SHARMI BASU DUO at Mills College Chapel

4/8 - COMPOSITION by SHARMI BASU performed by Living Earth Show at Center for New Music

4/3 - BEAST NEST at Life Changing Ministries with THE BLUES

3/25 - BEAST NEST with Alexander Brown at BAM/PFA Gallery performing Triggers

3/18 - BEAST NEST at Sgraffito Gallery with SLANTED SQUARE and FLOWER PATTERN

3/12 - BEAST NEST in Oakland, CA with BIG DEBBIE

3/10 - FELIDAE in San Jose, CA with BIG DEBBIE



Very excited to be work with the living earth show to premiere my new piece, tentatively titled, "obsession". This is the first time since my time at Mills that I've worked with acoustic musicians in such proximity. It will be premiering APRIL 8th at the Center for New Music. 

Find out more about them here:



Alexander Brown and I will be presenting our in-progress piece TRIGGERS in NY (most likey). We are going to be doing a short tour around there as well. Please stay tuned to get more info. IF YOU ARE IN NY, PLEASE HIT US UP! 

Description: Multimedia revamp of the piece Triggers featured earlier this year at SOMAarts in San Francisco. It is a piece that explores digital and analog manufactured vibrations as an alternative to language in order to exemplify struggle and identity. It is paired with live movement by Alexander Brown and a video piece that uses live processing in order to create an abstract experimental narrative on the body and dimensionality. I primarily use MaxMSP and Jittr, as well as some fixed footage altered in AfterFX, to create a visceral sonic and visual environment. Triggers explores the nature of the body as the quitessential circuit, where our ideas, experiences and desires to manifest into a somewhat arbitrary digital world are neither valorized nor able to fully be seen, especially when concerning the feminized colored body, and even more when concerning the expression of trauma and struggle. Triggers references digital and analog triggers, side chains, CV units, toggles, and the transition from 1 - 0 as well as a reference to the triggers that send marginalized bodies into moments of panic, lust, rage, etc.Triggers in our digital world refers to a command, while in our queer bodies refers to a lack there of. Triggers is about the contradiction between what we create and what we take in and how it manifests in our digital world versus our analog body.