BEAST NEST is Sharmi Basu often accompanied by Alexander Brown

UGLY is Sharmi and Titania Kumeh and Shawna Shante

Felidae is Sharmi and Sylvia (Fanciulla Gentile)

GIF Problem is Joshua Marshall, Aaron Openheim and Sharmi

Oppositional Consciousness is with Sharmi, Marshall Trammell and Zachary James Watkins

PINK GAZE is Sharmi, Ben Tinker, and Tara Sreekrishnan

BOTANICAL GARDEN is Sharmi and Stephan Haluska

NADI is Sharmi and Gorgeous Vermillion

IMPERIAL LEATHER is Sharmi and Besan Zedan



5/17 - UGLY with TBA at NOTAFLOF Gallery

5/8 - UGLY at TBA with Kitten Forever

5/6 - BEAST NEST / AJA duo at Life Changing Ministries with Pedro Lopes and Bill Baird

4/27 - GIF PROBLEM at Life Changing Ministries

4/15 - Adam Hirsch/Sharmi Basu Duo at The Mills College Chapel

4/10 - FELIDAE at Life Changing Ministries for Mikey's Bday Show

4/8 - SHARMI BASU with the Living Earth Show at the Community Music Center in San Francisco

4/3 - BEAST NEST at Life Changing Ministries with THE BLUES

3/25 - BEAST NEST with Alexander Brown at BAM/PFA Gallery performing Triggers

3/18 - BEAST NEST at Sgraffito Gallery with SLANTED SQUARE and FLOWER PATTERN

3/12 - BEAST NEST in Oakland, CA with BIG DEBBIE

3/10 - FELIDAE in San Jose, CA with BIG DEBBIE

2/28 - SHARMI BASU for Dinner Talks with TRISHA LOW at ATA GALLERY

2/27 - BEAST NEST at the NOTAFLOF Salon Fundraiser

2/21 - SHARMI BASU in the ANDREW JAMIESON TROUBLE ENSEMBLE at Berkeley Unitarian Church

2/14 - FELIDAE at Human Resources for Valentine’s Fundraiser

2/16 - BEAST NEST at Life Changing Ministries with LIQUID ASSET

2/14 - FELIDAE at Human Resources for Valentine’s Fundraiser

2/6 - SHARMI BASU in collaboration with Jeepneys at the Women in Music Technology Conference

1/30- FELIDAE at Unknown Wearhouse with PATRICIA

1/28- BEAST NEST at Luggage Store Gallery

1/23- BEAST NEST at CORRIDOR in Seattle, Washington

1/22- BEAST NEST at #POCASFUCK Show in Seattle, Washington

1/22- BEAST NEST at House Party in Seattle, Washington

1/20- BEAST NEST at Red Vic in Vancouver, Canada

1/19- BEAST NEST at Olympia Knitting Mill in Olympia, Washington

1/18- BEAST NEST at Human Flesh Body World in Portland, Oregon

1/17 - SHARMI BASU presents Decolonizing Sound at S1, Portland, Oregon

1/15 - BEAST NEST at Denalda’s Housewarming

1/10 - FELIDAE at Life Changing Ministries with AMPS FOR CHRIST

1/4 - Sharmi Basu / Adam Hirsch Duo at STUDIO GRAND

1/2 - BEAST NEST at Life Changing Ministries with CUBE


12/30 - BEAST NEST at Showga Oakland

12/29 - BEAST NEST at the Speakeasy in Oakland with MATTRESS and DUBAIS

12/19 - BEAST NEST with Alexander Brown and John Brumley at Human Resources in Los Angeles, CA

12/18 - BEAST NEST with Alexander Brown and John Brumley at PUREAQUA in Los Angeles, CA

12/17 - BEAST NEST with Angel Castellon at SGRAFFITO


12/6 - FELIDAE at Life Changing Ministries

12/5 - BEAST NEST at Queer Rebels in San Francisco

11/30 - BEAST NEST at Mills College Chapel

11/24 - BEAST NEST on Radio Valencia

11/15 - GIF PROBLEM at Doors that Close in Silence at Temescal Arts Center

11/14 - BEAST NEST at El Rio with Tender Forever

11/9 - FELIDAE at Active Music Festival at the Omni in Oakland

#tfwuugly TOUR 11/1 - 11/7 with SLANTED SQUARE and FLOWER PATTERN

11/7 - BEAST NEST at Handbag Factory, LA

11/6 - BEAST NEST at Coaxial, LA

11/4 - BEAST NEST at the dA Center for Performing Arts in Pomona

11/4 - BEAST NEST at

11/3 - BEAST NEST at Echo Park Film Center, LA

11/2 - BEAST NEST at Kim's House, LA

11/1 - BEAST NEST in Bakersfield, CA

10/17 - BEAST NEST at Studio Grand

10/16 - FELIDAE at Streetopia at the Luggage Store Gallery

9/25 - Sharmi Basu in collaboration with Amber McZeal and Alexander Brown for #MATATU15: OTHER KINDS OF DREAMS  

9/11 - Beast Nest at BABELAB with SALTA Dance Company

9/5 - Beast Nest at LCM for Day Long Fest

8/28 - Beast Nest with Adrian Saenz at Haxan Festival

8/17 - FELIDAE at Life Changing Ministries with MALPORTADO KIDS

8/7 - Beast Nest with Alexander Brown at Adobe Books

8/2 - Soundwave at Fort Funston with The Analogous Ensemble

7/18 - SOMArts as Beast Nest featuring Adrian Saenz on Harmonium


7/9 - 7/12 - Beast Nest at the International Society of Improvised Music in Chateau D'Oex, Switzerland

7/7 - Beast Nest at Vankrijk in Amsterdam, Netherlands

7/5 - Beast Nest in Prague, Czech Republic

6/30 - Beast Nest at Loophole in Berlin, Germany

6/16 - Beast Nest in collaboration with Neve Mazique for Body of Work for PRIDE SF

5/25 - GIF PROBLEM at West Oakland Church

FELIDAE TOUR 5/20 - 5/24

5/30 - Ars Ex Nihilo as Beast Nest with Alexander Brown

5/24 - Portland, Oregon at XHURCH with Felisha Ledesma as Beast Nest

5/23 - Olympia, Washington as Beast Nest for Signal Flow Festival

5/22 - Seattle, Washington with Gaymous as Felidae

5/21- Seattle, Washington at Hollow Earth Radio as Felidae

5/20 - Portland, Oregon as Felidae

5/14 - Beast Nest in collaboration with AJA with Phedre at Books for Days

5/9 - Noise Pancakes as Adam Hirsch / Sharmi Basu Duo

5/1 - Decolonizing Sound Workshop at UC SANTA CRUZ as Beast Nest

4/18- Joshua Tree, CA for DISEMBODIED ART SHOW as Beast Nest

4/16 - Heart of Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA with Verthighost, Big Debbie, Xina Xurner as Beast Nest

4/15 - Second Act  as Beast Nest

4/7 - BEAST NEST TAPE RELEASE SHOW with Black Spirituals, Wizard Apprentice, Bedroom Witch, and Soft Drink

4/4 - Switchboard Music Fest in the Bill Baird Ensemble

4/3 - Oppositional Consciousness with Marshall Trammell and Sharmi Basu at Temporary Bookstore


3/23 - Spice Monkey as Beast Nest

3/22 - Xara's Place as Beast Nest with Now I Lay Me Down

3/21 - Red Lion Inn as Beast Nest with Wreck and Reference

3/10 - Temporary Bookstore as Beast Nest with Phedre

3/7 - Decolonizing Sound Workshop at Empowering Women of Color Conference at UC Berkeley [session 3]

3/5 - Dan Gottwald's Signal Flow Piece at Littlefield Concert Hall in the Analogous Ensemble

3/3 - Periwinkle Cinema Presents: The NEWS at SOMArts Cultural Center as Beast Nest


2/20 - Beast Nest and Adam Hirschwith Mills College Signal Flow at Life Changing Ministries

2/13 - Sharmi Basu with Shani Aviram and Shanna Sordahl at mA series in Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento

2/12 - Beast Nest with Wizard Apprentice, Now I Lay Me Down, and Yetunde Olagbaju at Temporary Bookstore for BROWN NOISE

2/7 - KZSU at Stanford Day of Noise as GIF PROBLEM

1/31 - Beast Nest at VACATION with QuartzThrust and Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting

1/2 - HoneyHive in San Francisco as Beast Nest with John McCowen and Veils


12/31 - BEAST NEST  with GORGEOUS VERMILLION at The Church 

12/20 - VAMP Music and Art Space for Oakland Drops Beats as Sharmi Basu collaboration with Adam Hirsch

//// PAST SHOWS ///

12/11 - Luggage Store Gallery as GIF PROBLEM with Key West

12/8 - Life Changing Ministries as Felidae with Huge Statue of Jesus, Shu, and John McCowen

11/26 - Life Changing Ministries as Beast Nest with Underpass and Wizard Apprentic

11/20 - Littlefield Concert Hall at Mills College for On Computational Hegemony as Sharmi Basu for Computer Music Seminar

11/15 - Lab 24 Hr Telethon, Music for Andy Puls Video

11/13 - The Morgue in Davis as Beast Nest with Weird Candle, Dilatedears, Damian Webb

11/10- Future of Granular Puppies at Center for New Music as Sharmi Basu collaboration with Adria Otte

11/8 - Lobot as Beast Nest with BRAN(…)POS, QUTTINIRPAAQ, CIRCUIT WOUND, F.T.P., and Power Altar

11/1 - Littlefield Concert Hall as Robert Ashley Tribute Concert in She Was A Visitor

10/31 - Life Changing Ministries as Beast Nest  at All Hallow's Eve Mutant Soiree

10/13 - The Church as Beast Nest

10/11 - The Lab as Beast Nest

10/10 - Lady Fest as Beast Nest

8/23 - Foundry as Pink Gaze

8/19 - Night Light as Beast Nest for Brown Noise: A Night for Womyn of Color in Experimental Music

8/16 - VAMP MUSIC for Oakland Drops Beats festival with GIF PROBLEM

8/15 & 8/16 - 5 Point Standing with as Sharmi Basu with Shanna Sordahl and Katherine MacDonald in collaboration with Wax Poet(s)

8/13 - Sacramento @ Witch Room with Christopher Robert Jones (Brad Grammar ) as Beast Nest

8/12 - Portland OR @ Valentines w/ Force Publique (record release)// Litanic Mask as Felidae

8/11 - Seattle@ Summit Inn as Beast Nest

8/8 - 8/10 Vanvouver  @ SHOUT BACK FEST as Beast Nest on Sunday at 12:30 and Felidae on Sunday at 2:30

8/7 Seattle @ Black Coffee Coop w. Sista Hailstorm and Richie Dagger's Crime as Felidae

8/6 Olympia Dumpster Values w/ TBA as Felidae

8/5 Portland OR - @ Vagrant Eye Projection Museum w/ Beast Nest

8/4 Davis @ Third Space with Valient Steed as Felidae 

8/1 Oakland CA @ The Church with Black Spirituals, Demonsleeper and Yetunde feat DJ Adee as Felidae

7/26/14 @ Life Changing Ministry with Pink Gaze for Ruth White Tribute Show!

7/18/14 @ Life Changing Ministry with GIF Problem

7/16/14 @ Atlas Cafe with Ben Tinker, Dominic Cramp, and Dario Puga for a collaborative soundtrack for HAXAN: Witchcraft Through the Ages. Playing as Sharmi Basu.

7/12/14 @ La Pena Center for the Arts for  Stories of Queer Diaspora (Music for Animation by A. "Q" Quintero and drawings and story by TextaQueen). Sound by Sharmi Basu.

7/10/14 @ NO FUTURE WEED COOKIE SHOP with Alex Cruse  and Sharmi Basu

7/4/14 @ El Rio with Felidae (ritual for decolonization and anti-capitalism)

6/28/14 @ Life Changing Ministry with Dilatedears as Beast Nest

6/22/14 @ The Lab for Godwaffle Noise Pancakes with GIF Problem

6/19/14 @ Sub-Mission for Queer Prophecies with Oscar Tidd and Zander Brown as Sharmi Basu with the piece "Time is a Wet Blankie"

6/17/14 @ Bay Area Girls Rock Camp as Beast Nest

5/30/14 @ KFJC for 24 Hour Drone Off as Pink Gaze 

5/22/14 @ Luggage Store Gallery with Brel Baird and Pauchi Sasaki as Beast Nest

5/15/14 @ UC Davis Art Annex at Contours of Algorithmic Life as Sharmi Basu with Oscar Tidd with the piece "Trill Subsumption"

5/13/14 @ The Uptown for the Active Music Series as Beast Nest

5/9/14  @ Mills Ensemble Room as Sharmi Basu  for Intimate Experiments: Solo Performance

5/3/14  @ Musicians Union Local 6 as Sharmi BasuStephan Haluska play SIMM Series

5/1/14 @ Book Art Department for Artifactual Modulations in collaboration with Three Sisters Dance Company. Sound & Music by Sharmi Basu 

4/30/14 @ Mills College Ensemble Room with Oppositional Consciousness: Empowering People of Color within Experimental music.

4/27/14 @ KFJC 89.7fm as Beast Nest with Dilatedears

4/20/14 @ Noisebridge Hackerspace as Pink Gaze

4/17/14 @ Life Changing Ministry as Beast Nest

4/16/14 @ MOCO as Botanical Garden

4/12/14 @ UC Santa Barbara for California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts as Sharmi Basu

4/11/14 @ UC San Diego for California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts as Sharmi Basu

4/11/14 @ Dublab Radio as Beast Nest

4/9/14 @ Mills College Field for Moog March as Sharmi Basu with Dilatedears

4/3/14 @ Asian Art Museum with Vak Choir "Sounding Transformation"

3/29/14 @ Os Qilombo with Oppositional Consciousness as Beast Nest with "Decolonizing the Imagination: Solo Vernacular Series"

3/6/14 @ Little Field Concert Hall for SIGNAL FLOW FESTIVAL 2014 as Sharmi Basu with the piece You To Unity

2/25/14 @ Amnesia as Beast Nest

2/22/14 @ Active Music Festival as Pink Gaze with The Heroic Quartet

2/8/14 @ Day of Noise as Pink Gaze

2/7/14 @ Menage Twat as Felidae

2/1/14 @ Rock Band University for KDVS 50th Anniversary Party as Beast Nest

1/30/14 @ LCM as Pink Gaze

1/9/14 @ Lobot as Beast Nest

1/2/14 @ Think or Die Thinking Fest as Beast Nest


12/13/13 @ Synchronicity LA as Beast Nest

12/6/13 @ Terminal for Trance Mutations 8 as Beast Nest

11/26/13 @ Littlefield Concert Hall for Music Improvisation Ensemble II Class Concert

11/23/13 @ Life Changing Ministries collaboration ritual with Fanciulla Gentile as Beast Nest

11/14/13 @ Littlefield Concert Hall with Kim Ip for Ogi No Mato

11/6/13 @ Mills Art Museum collaboration with Brett Carson “Night Elephant Drinks the Moon Water (No More Moon in the Water)

11/2/13 @ The Lab as Pink Gaze

10/31/13 @ Menage Twat as Beast Nest with Fanciulla Gentile

10/23/13 @ Center for New Music collaboration with Madalyn Merkey

10/19/13 @ SOMArts Cultural Center for POC Zine Project Race Riot Tour // read on founding the Sacramento Zine Symposium

10/11/13 @ Adobe Books as Pink Gaze for Experimental Notations Closing Party

10/5/13 @ Littlefield Concert Hall with Music Improvisation Ensemble II for Nic Collins Concert

10/3/13 @ Naked Lounge in Sacramento for NorCal Noisefest XVII as Beast Nest

9/29/13 @ n/a gallery for Red Element: A Queer Reading Series as Beast Nest

9/19/13 @ TNS as Miss America

9/15/13 @ Life Changing Ministries as Beast Nest

9/13/13 @ The Web for Bay Area Ladyfest as Beast Nest

9/7/13 @ Adobe Books for Experimental Notations Showing

9/6/13 @ The Smell as Beast Nest

9/5/13 @ Moco Gallery as Beast Nest

8/18/13 @ The Lab with Rigormortis Clitaurus

7/28/13 @ 37th Heaven as Beast Nest

7/26/13 @ “Deck” performed at Community Music Center

7/13/13 @ Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut as Beast Nest

7/5/13 @ Casa Sanchez as Beast Nest

7/3/13 @ Third Space in Davis as Beast Nest

6/29/13 @ The Lab as Beast Nest for SF Dissonance Party

6/29/13 @ 155 Capp as Beast Nest

6/18/13 @ KPFK’s Feminist Magazine, airing of prerecorded interview with Anal Cube


---- ANAL CUBE TOUR ----

(our car broke down so we had to skip some shows on the way back)


6/15/13 @ Good Bellies with Nadi

6/14/13 @ Killanova as Nadi

6/7/13 @ Idapalooza in Tennessee as Nadi

6/6/13 @ Idapalooza as Beast Nest

6/4/13 @ Rotten Milk in New Orleans as Nadi

6/3/13 @ Alligator Park as Beast Nest

6/1/13 @ East Side Social Center in Houston as Nadi

5/31/13 @ Austin House as Beast Nest

5/30/13 @ San Antonio House as Beast Nest

5/28/13 @ Casa Rosa in New Mexico as Nadi

5/25/13 @ LA Fort as Nadi

5/25/13 @ Coolworld Party LA as Beast Nest

5/24/13 @ The White Lodge as Beast Nest

5/23/13 @ Biko Infoshop as Beast Nest

5/21/13 @ SubRosa as Nadi

5/18/13 @ Jellybean Warehouse as Nadi


----- TOUR BEGAN HERE -----


5/9/13 @ for Besan Zedan’s “Root’s of my Self-Hatred”

5/2/13 @ The Chapel for Electronic Music Performance Class Concert

4/26/13 @ Lewis University for musicBYTES concert *prerecorded piece shown

4/26/13 @ Littlefield Concert Hall for Composition Seminar Class Concert

4/25/13 @ Book Art Department for Artifactual Modulations collaboration with Lara Darklight

4/19/13 @ The Long Haul as Beast Nest

4/18/13 @ Ensemble Room for TNS as Imperial Leather

4/5/13 @ Bows and Arrows for Tarot Show*Tarot Card showing

3/22/13 @ Ensemble Room for Bunker Survival 003 as Imperial Leather

2/23/13 @ Purple House as Beast Nest

2/15/13 @ The Long Haul as Beast Nest

2/13/13 @ MOCO Gallery for Draft Horse as Beast Nest

1/26/13 @ Killanova as Beast Nest

1/12/13 @ The Lab for Brutal Sound Effects Festival #72 as Beast Nest

1/6/13 @ Life Changing Ministries as Beast Nest