PIPE:CORE by Sharmi Basu

Pipe : Core (2014)


Materials: Steel and Aluminum pipes, Wood, Ears, Heart


This structure is a self-performing, self-playing structure that uses gravity, wind, the elements, hands, rain, and other natural forces to move itself. A push maybe the initial action point, or just the wind. The pipes are set up to play in a certain predictable fashion, that can be made unpredictable by any external factors. I chose to present this in the labyrinth of the chapel because of my relationship with the space as well as the historical symbolism of bells within spiritual atmosphere. The subtleness of the difference in tone based on the material, length, and thickness of the pipes, asks for a deep listening mentality when approaching the piece. Just as in meditation we are asked to dig deeper, with this piece we are asking to listen deeper, not simply to the sound of the pipes, but the rustling of the leaves, the chatter of birds, the whirring of cars, the drone of overhead planes. 


The public is encouraged to mindfully play with the pipes and also take a step back and allow them to play themselves


Warning: The pipes are heavy and may cause injury if they are not mindfully negotiated


Special Thanks to: Dan Gottwald and Daniel Schmidt for helping with the construction of the frame and Laura Engelken and the Chapel staff for fostering such a safe and beautiful space.