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SUNDAY Godwaffle Noise Pancakes @ The Lab 

Sunday, June 22, 2014
12:00 - 2:00 PM Sharp
$8 to $50
Checks and ETF accepted

Jong Wayne: is the live improvisational telenovela, starring Thom Blum as a ruthless composer potentate who has grown weary of his audiocratic reign. His soul, no longer lifted by the simple joys of abject harmonic cruelty, Dear Leader longs for a new life. Joining a band of brigand noise slingers—featuring Ron Pelletier as the philosopher timekeeper, Charles Kremenak as the SFX freebooter, and George Steeley as himself, the thieving string scraper—he embarks on a serial odyssey in a relentless quest for electroacoustic redemption.

Crash & Burn Duo: Featuring infamous Wade Driver from The Hickoids, 50 Million, et al breaking away from the more prominent style of saxophone led improv band, LIBERTAS, CRASH & BURN employ elements of early Industrial, Electronics,& Free Jazz into their minimalist to frantic way of playing and living. One moment it can sound like Neubauten, the next moment it’s urgent fusion. This is no dinner music!

GIF Problem:
Sharmi Basu - Electronics
Aaron Oppenheim - Electronics
Joshua Marshall - Saxophones
Basu, of Beast Nest, uses her unwavering depression & restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits that still walk the earth. While simultaneously clearing and entering, the sewage pipes of the body and the patriarchy congeal into watery soundscapes only truly reaching those who live as undead., is an American-Canadian Canadian-American currently based in Oakland, who improvises sounds from his laptop. His music straddles the line between noise, drone, and glitch, always emphasizing liveness and in-the-momentishness.
Aaron Oppenheim | Live Electronic Music

Omer Gal: Born in Israel, Omer Gal has lived in California, New York, Israel, India, and Tel Aviv. Currently San Francisco-based, Omer recieved a Masters in Fine Arts fron the San Francisco Art Institute in 2012. He has shown work at the Tmuna and Zimmer galleries in Tel Aviv, "FlagStop" (Los Angeles); Queens Nails Projects, Luggage Store, Diego Rivera, Swell and Root Division galleries in San Francisco, CA and PSU gallery, Portland, Oregon. Omer also performs under the name "Cookie Tongue."

/The Nothing\: is the solo project of Geordan White (Liver Cancer), a spiritually dark ambient/harsh doom project with many elements of a novel horror movie with a bad ending. The sound is infused with devices that White designs himself. Along with business partner Xome, White also runs Audible Disease, a popular effects pedal company in which they build and design diabolical effects pedals and synthesizers tailored to noise and experimental artists.

Angela Roberts and Scott Goff continue a years-long sound conversation about difficult topics, via the medium of cello and various electronics. Sometimes they make people feel uncomfortable and/or slightly anxious (they hope).

Later Event: June 19