sound workshops

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liberation + presence: decolonizing sound

If you are new to ideas around decolonization and are looking to internalize a practice of liberation, this workshop is for you. We emphasize this work for folks of color, but if you are interested in this work for white folks, please do not hesitate to reach out! You can find out more by clicking the link below!


live sound

intro to live sound

Sound is where immateriality and materiality meet! Learn all about the magic of transducers, sound pressure waves, and equalizers with live sound, through the perspective of healing. The emphasis here will be on basic live mixers, PAs and microphones as well as deep listening.

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Improv workshop

Improv, performance + self-healing

From the toolbook used in MARA Performance Collective, this workshop is performance based and for all folks looking to use performance as a mode of self- healing. Among other things, we will create collective scores, break up into small group discussions, and play our hearts out.

***No Instruments or Musical Experience Necessary!”””