7.26.14 RUTH WHITE TRIBUTE PARTY! / by Sharmi Basu

Gigante Sound in conjunction with LCM is proud to present the Ruth White Spectacular! Featuring Vulcanus 68, Pink Gaze, Jason Begin and IMA. DJ set by DJ Fereshteh of Scream Queens!!

Tonight we pay tribute to the American electronic music pioneer Ruth White and her mysterious world of evil electronic music.

Many are unfamiliar with White's work but those who have heard 'Flowers Of Evil' or 'Seven Trumps From the Tarot Cards' and 'Pinons' know of the dark, eerie tape soundscapes and haunted mooginess she conjures up. She has been a major influence on many who have plundered the depths of late 60's/ early 70's electronic music, though surprisingly hasn't received the recognition of other great artists like Delia Derbyshire or Daphne Oram. Let's change that. Tonight we honor the mysterious Ms. White ...

Vulcanus 68
Vulcanus 68 is a return to the roots of unhallowed electronic music. Taking their cue from the 60s/70s renegades outside the academic limelight such as Tod Dockstader, Richard Maxfield, Ruth White, Kenneth Gaburo and Basil Kirchin; Vulcanus 68 bring their own dark 21st century vision to the outskirts of electronic composition. 

Vulcanus 68 is at its core, the duo of Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp. Apart from Vulcanus 68, they are the co-founders of the record label, Gigante Sound and have numerous solo projects between them including Blanketship, Boful Tang and Lord Tang. They are also known for their work with Bill Gould of Faith No More in the project, The Talking Book, a tale of broken melodies and failing electronics. Cramp is a long standing member of Carla Bozulich's Evangelista and also plays in the free improvising duo, Tiberius, with drummer Mike Guarino.

Pink Gaze
Pink Gaze (Sharmi Basu (Beast Nest), Tara Sreekrishnan (Dapplegrey), & Benjamin Tinker (White Pee)) are an electronic improvisational trio exploring the lightness & darkness of memory, experience and expectations.

Jason Begin
Up from San Deigo, the Southern prince of Modular maniacal ridiculousness from wall-to-wall! Your ears will bleed golden tears of joy as the tones tickle your proboscis. 

electronics (Jeanie-Aprille Tang) + percussion (Nava Dunkelman)
Mirroring. Non-Retrograde. Reflection. Modulation. Paralleling. Echoes and Speech. Omittance of identifiable objects for conversations between electronics and percussion counterparts. overlap. repetition. disoriented messages. deconstruction. reconstruction. non-linear time.