8.1.14 Eye of the Cervix Kick Off! / by Sharmi Basu

OK y'all, here goes:

EYE OF THE CERVIX Tour will be having our Kick Off this Friday 8/1 at the Church!

Please help support us w. some monies so we can get there and back, share our art, wisdom, feelings, and struggle, and not end up destitute :)

Eye of the Cervix Tour consists of:

Power Altar (Kim Lindale of Believe, No Babies), Centre (Dave Montoya of Bitter Fruit, Centre, American Splits & Sylvia of Fanciulla Gentile), Felidae (Sylvia and I), and Beast Nest (my solo project). We will be trecking to Vancouver and back and are fortunate enough to have booked every date without issue. Keep us in your prayers!

Dates and Shows:

8/1 Oakland CA @ The Church with Black Spirituals, Demonsleeper and Yetunde feat DJ Adee as Felidae

8/4 Davis @ Third Space with Valient Steed as Felidae

8/5 Portland OR - @ Vagrant Eye Projection Museum w/ Terror Apart as Beast Nest

8/6 Olympia Dumpster Values w/ TBA as Felidae

8/7 Seattle @ Black Coffee Coop w. Sista Hailstorm and Richie Dagger's Crime as Felidae

8/8 − 8/10 Vanvouver  @ SHOUT BACK FEST as Beast Nest on Sunday at 12:30 and Felidae on Sunday at 2:30.

8/11 - Seattle@ Summit Inn as Beast Nest

8/12 - Portland OR @ Valentines w/ Force Publique (record release)// Litanic Mask as Felidae

8/13 - Sacramento @ Witch Room with Christopher Robert Jones (Brad Grammar ) as Beast Nest

Oakland Drops Beats

Ok! After tour is over and I will be playing the following shows as far as I can remember:

8/15 & 8/16 - 5 Point Standing with as Sharmi Basu with Shanna Sordahl and Katherine MacDonald in collaboration with Wax Poet(s)

8/16 - Bar 355 for Oakland Drops Beats festival with GIF PROBLEM 

8/19 - Night Light as Beast Nest for Brown Noise: A Night for Womyn of Color in Experimental Music

8/23 - Foundry as Pink Gaze

10/13 - The Church as Beast Nest

Phew! Ok that's all. Hope to see you around!!!